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Service Department

Quality Service. Quality Care
Our service team is dedicated to helping our customers with any issues that may arise. From general repairs to rebuilds, our team has you covered.

Meet Our Team

Technical Support

William "Tony" Wellington

William Wellington Circle CutOut.png
Phone: (713) 699-7694
Mobile: (580) 977-9866


Service Admin Team

Untitled design (25).png

Kelly Cole

Crystal Dowlearn Circle CutOut.png
Gina Bauer Circle CutOut.png
Field Service

Crystal Dowlearn

Gina Bauer

Shop Service
Office: (713) 699-7609
Office: (713) 699-7630
Office: (713) 699-7668

Our Services

Our service department has a deep knowledge of our rigs and how they work. They are highly trained and will work hard to get your problems resolved as quickly as possible. If a problem arises that needs a tech to be sent on site, we will get someone out to you as quickly as possible.

General Repairs

Phone Support/Virtual

Complete Rebuilds

Customer Training

Local/Jobsite Service


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